Tuesday, April 21, 2015

 Week 5: Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos   Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 12:57 PM
This week has been up and down, up and down. its been crazy. seriously so many highs and so many lows. so Elder Beckstead went home. it was pretty sad. he could never recover from his kidney infection. so yeah. he left. also hermana Bell left too. she left the day after beckstead. it was crazy. like just bam bam. we were down two missionaries. it was pretty hard to stay focused. it makes me so sad though. beckstead and bell would have been awesome missionaries. now we are trying to make elder peterson stay. but any way. this week was pretty good besides those low notes. elder bryson and i taught twice a day this week. that was pretty new and i kind of liked it. we started teaching each other now. so we teach our own district. but elder bryson and i dont get to be investigators. cause we are just too cool for that. haha we actually had are really amazing lesson me and elder bryson. we were teaching about the gospel of jesus christ and some how we got into the investigators guilts and sins that he feels bad about and then we told us some stuff and so we switched the lesson on the spot and it was amazing! you could actually feel the spirit so strong! it was crazy and like we apparently asked some really inspired questions and it was just a boost cause the day before was really unsolid with people leaving and all. so i was grateful for that opportunity to grow with elder bryson and to learn how a lesson driven by the spirit is supposed to be like.
haha so this week was the 1 month mark! whoop whoop! crazy stuff! ive been in the CCM for 3 months! july, august and september! haha yeah! we leave in a week! crazy stuff! hermano medina was quick to remind us to continue to learn and stay focused. he says the last week in the CCM is igual to the last few months out in the field. he said we can learn so much this last week so thats the goal. grow more. so ive actually tried to learn a lot more. and not just in spanish... haha so there is an Elder Han from LIndon. he was actually in my stake haha and he is teaching me how to play the harmonica! haha i can play like 4 riffs. its pretty fun. Gyebi-Quarcoo is also teaching me French. im so bad at that. i like spanish more. 
so i just got back from the temple. and it is beautiful!!! my goodness! i wished i could have actually gone in it! it was so cool. so we just got to go to the visitors center and see the christus there. taht was pretty cool. its so nice in there! probably like the nicest in mehico city. haha seriously. and we got taught by the sister missionaries serving there. 
anyway, we have a new district in our zone and one of the kids i totally know! his name is Elder Frampton. he played for lone peak. baskteball. and he is dang good. haha i played cage soccer with him. it was great. our entire zone just goes and plays cage soccer for gym. its the greatest. oh! and monday we had FHE!! it was pretty awesome. we sang and had cookies and we had a poetry slam. elder han and elder ostergar came up with some pretty good ones in spanish. it was pretty fun and awesome and totally brought us closer as a zone. and i totally forgot. i spoke in sacrament meeting. i almost got away with it but i got to speak. yay!! haha i talked about profets and how super important they are and how its super important to obey the word of the profet cause its the word of God. it was pretty good. but the only thing i thought i should have done was talk slower. which i didnt think would be a problem but i totally spoke way to fast. it was pretty nuts. i dont even know how i spoke spanish that fast. i tried asking people if they understood me and they were like uh... kind of? haha oh well. presidente rodriguez understood me. so thats all i care about. 
anyway, that was basically my week in a tiny,  miniscule shell. i think it will be two weeks probably when i get to email again. so this is ta ta for now. love you all! thanks for the support and love!
with passionate love
Elder Larson

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