Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 2: When You Fast You Get DOHNUTS!!!‏ 

Alright, Shout out to my boy Riley Chappell!! The Big 1 9! You are getting so big! Cant wait for you to get out to the mission field! you are gonna rock it! 
Alrighty, so this week was actaully pretty good. It seemed like it went by so fast. People say the days are long but the weeks are short and i totally understand now. its pretty crazy how fast and slow time goes by. But im loving it and im learning so much. my spanish i feel like is coming along okay. most of the time i feel like im getting it and im so up beat but then there has been like two times where i just feel like im not getting anything im not progressing. but then something really awesome happens and i get over myself and i just keep working and then im back to learning and growing. its awesome. So wednesday we had a service project which was awesome. i got to wear my skinnny jeans which was the best cause i feel like im naked half the time when i wear my dresss slacks. We also finished teaching ramiro this week. elder bryson and i have really progressed since the beginning. im starting to be able to say what ever i feel like i need to say and i dont have to really have a script or words. i just go. its great. i love it. so ramiro is now our teacher. his name is hermano medina and hes awesome. he really pushes us and talks faster than our other teacher hermano leon. oh hermano leon! HE IS SO GREAT!   hermano leon you can just tell he was a freaking awesome missionary. after six weeks he was a district leader and traing people and then we was a zone leader for a year and then the last seven months he was ap. hes awesome and super funny. wedensday i also jumped out of my classroom window. haha taht was super funny! people were on the grass outside so i thought it would be funny if i just fell out of the window. and it was. and we got it recorded so yeah. im gonna try sending that. hahaha it was hilarious. so this week we (the guys in our district) fasted for some of the hermanas in our district. hermana wilemon and hermana bell have been struggling here and have been considering going home. ezpecially hermana wilemon. so we fasted and the best thing happened. I got dohnuts! it was so awesome! it made me so happy! and whats even better, we got it at the end of the day so we got to break our fast by eating the dohnuts, plus there were 12 dohnuts and there are 12 elderes in our district. it was awesome. just goes to show, if you fast, you get blessed. with dohnuts. haha. oh oh! so we got two new "investigators" really they are just our teachers but we get to teach guillermo and vicente and im super excited about taht! elder bryson and i taught guillermo yesterday (monday) and it went super awesome. hes catolica and he knows a little about mormons so we just taught him about jesus christ, his ministry, the great apostasy and mostly about the first vision. it was great cause i totally just kind of went off and i didnt really need to look at my paper i just spoke and it was great and you could feel the spirit. a lot of people have been sick this week. like 4 from our distict. so basically a third of our distict was sick for the past two days. people say its a virus going around. but its toally the food! haha its so not good! seriously though! most of the stuff looks like garbage but i eat it anyway! haha i have a mini food baby now! im getting fat! yes! haha i need to work out... 
so sundays are now like my favoirte days! i love it cause we have to prepare a talk every week in spanish and then at sacrament meeting the branch president calls six missionaries to talk and you never know if its gonna be you or not but its so fun! i really enjoy preparing talks and especially lessons! its so much fun being able to just change form one language to another! and in priesthood meeting i had to say the closing prayer and i my distrcit said i sounded like a freaking native! boo yah! also in sacrament meeting 3 elderes from our district gave talks and then anotehr said a prayer so we were pretty involved. so sunday, elder peterson and elder bryson got sick and apparently this sickness makes you have to go to the bathroom, a lot. they combined for a totally of 13 big ones in one day. its pretty legit. es crazy! haha so elder JBQ (hes black and hes awesome) has this thing where if you do something stupid of embarrassing and if someone sees you, you get loser lazered. haha what he does it he buts his right hand to his forehead in a shape of an L and then he points it at you like a gun and then shoots you. haha its super funny. 
okay so monday was freaking awesome! i got three letters and i freaked out! i literally ran out of the post office and just screamed "YES" and held the letters up to the sky. haha it was so amazing to get letters! it was funny too cause when we got them elder bryson looked at them and just named them off like on the best two years and everyone was hating on me. it was a great feeling. haha.
so last tuesday we had a devotional about la expiacion. and what elder thomas said was so directed, so spiritaully led. it made me wowed. i seriously feel like he will be such a strong missionary and probably a general authority. he is spectacular. so hermana wilemon was struggling, or is struggling and so  we had a devotional about the atonement and after wards we had a distrcit meeting about it. and what elder thomas said was so meant for her. he said that as missionaries, we dont have those huge burdens of sin or anything like what our investigators have. were missionaries and were representatives of christ. we shouldnt have those feeling, and if we do we need to talk to our leaders now. but anyway, he said that even though we dont have those kind of burdens we still have our own kind. as missionaries we deal with rejection, homesickness, sadness\depression, and anxiety over learning the language and bulding up Gods kingdom. and the atonement doesnt just cover our sins. The atonement covers EVERYTHING. sins, trials, heart ache, sadness, homesickness, anxieties, and rejections. and i love it. I love how because of Christ, we are never alone. i love how because of him, we can be strengthened and lifted up through him, if we turn to him. i am so grateful for my savior and my redeemer. i know he lives. i know that through him all things are possible and we can overcome all obstacles. i love it here in the CCM. i love learning and progressing each day. i love my companions and the strength they give to me. Im so grateful for all of you at home for you support and love. i pray for you all daily. 
love with undying affection,
Elder Larson



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