Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Elder Larson's first week in the Mexico City CCM as they call it there, not MTC.
What is up UTAH?! This week has been crazy awesome! so much has happened its crazy. I feel like ive grown so much already! So my first day at the CCM was super long! I flew with a couple guys who are gonna serve in my same mission. Elder Thomas and Elder Bryson.  They are sick!! Elder Thomas is insane at futbol. no kidding. hes better than anyone i know. so when we got to the CCM it started pouring! it was so bad! i was so soaked! So two Elders showed me around, Elder Lindsey and Elder Whats his  name. I can{t remember... ANy way i got to mi casa and it turns out Elder Bryson is my companion! It was a relief to have both Elder bryson and elder thomas both in my district. Oh and the first day, i ran into a hermana weber. turns out we went to EFY together, it was really weird. cause she remebered me but i did not remember her. so there are eight guys in our district. me, elder bryson, elder thomas and his companion elder beckstead. elder gyebi-quarcoo and elder ostergar and then theres elder christensen and elder peterson. theyre all awesome and spirtiual and i love them. so Friday we had to teach our first investigator! oh my it was so bad!! elder bryson and i were so bad at spanish goodness! so yeah our investigator, his name is Ramiro and hes a super cool guy. he llloovvesss futbol and hes mexican so it kind of fits. haha.  hes crazy about james rodriguez the colombian soccer player.   So the best thing is that usually after dinner it starts pouring rain! its great because all the water kind of just puddles around mi casa. like seriously huge puddles form right outside our house! its sooo awesome! so elder bryson, me, elder ostergar and elder Gyebi-Quarcoo (JBQ) all share a room. haha one thing thats really funny about the CCM is that its surrounded by a huge wall with barbed wire. its like we are in a prison except we cant have visitors. we even have guards with like guns and like mp5s. i think thats a gun. haha it was super weird coming in cause its all protected and completely locked down. and oh my goodness! saturday nights all the mexicans party and our casa is pretty close to the wall so we can just hear them party all night long! serious, they didnt stop till like 4 a.m. it was nuts! also theres always dogs barking and like yelping and stuff. i think there are like dog fights or something cause it gets pretty crazy!
so there are so many missionaries from PG here. like the first real day, friday, i met up with elder hurst, elder thomas, elder jensen, elder sheffield, elder romney and tehn there was an elder cunningham whos friends with matt shawcroft. hes a really nice kid, elder cunningham. not matt. matt is muy raro. theres like 15 missionaries here from pleasant grove. the best was when i ran into elder bodily! oh my goodness! it made me SSSOOOOO happy to see him here! Noah is on a mission! ah it makes me so happy. it was like alma and the sons of mosiah when they saw each other after so long preaching the word of God. How great was their joy because of the faithfulness of their brethern in the Lord!

 God bless. until we meet again. peace.
love with uncontrollable passion, Elder Larson

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