Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A new Mission President and a new missionary!

Hi Sam,
You probably already saw this.  Here is your mission president:

Tennessee Knoxville Mission
Steven P. and Cherie N. Griffin
Steven Paul Griffin, 48, and Cherie Nanette Mitton Griffin, seven children, Meadows Ward, Plain City Utah Stake: Tennessee Knoxville Mission, succeeding President Richard A. Irion and Sister Gloria Irion. Brother Griffin is a former stake president, bishop, ward Young Men president and missionary in the Washington Spokane Mission. President/owner, Sky Blue Industries, Inc. Born in Ogden, Utah, to Rulon Alton Griffin and LueDean Bingham Griffin.
Sister Griffin is a former ward Young Women president, ward Young Women adviser, ward Relief Society instructor and ward Primary teacher. Born in Carson City, Nevada, to Von Allen Mitton and Suzanne Elizabeth Mitton.

I also noticed that the Mexico MTC is next to the Temple!! (as you know by now) How cool is that?!!  I am so happy you are having the opportunity to be in Mexico to learn Spanish and have this immersion experience.(while it is hard at first, you will learn more quickly)
I love YOU!!!

HHEYY!! Im here. I only have five mintues. so im okay. everything is good. mexico city is pretty crazy. this is pretty crazy. CRAZY AWESOME!! i have no idea what im doing. haha this is awesome. well i love you all and i miss you but i cant lie. i would be jealous of me right now. haha 
hugs and kisses. XOXOoXxOoXo
love with passion, Sam

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  1. I am finally putting a blog together for Sam. I am new to this and learning new things doesn't come easy for me. I am learning on my own. Sam left on his mission in July of 2014. It was only almost 9 months ago. Long enough to have a baby. This blog is my baby. :)
    This is not Sam it's his mom. Don't know how to fix that one.