Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tennessee week 7??

jaja wats up? its been way too long!!! jaja okay so the last week of CCM was super long and great and everything except for one thing. another person left from our distrcit. elder peterson left  4 days before we left for the field. so sad! he didnt even say good bye. we fouhd out he was leaving and raced over to the resepcion and he just barely left. and then it started raining like a minute later. like seriously just like a movie. and it was like the sky was crying. it poured more than it ever had in the CCM before. it was krazy. anyway. im in TENNESSEE!!!! whoop whoop! it was krazy! the flights over here were awesome! we talked to people about the gospel and stuff and it was great! i also took a really long nap which i totally needed! so when we got to atlanta Georgia. the first thing i did. the first thing. was get through customs and security jajaja but then i got CHICK-FIL-A!!!!! score!!!! ive been dying for chick since before i left! finally got it!!! tasted sooo good!!!! jaja so then we went to TENNESSEE!!!! and the first thing taht we did was meet pres Griffin and mommy griffin. she came up to me and i shouted "MOM" and she gave me a hug and stuff. it was pretty cute. almost as good as the hugs my mom gives me. almost... but then i stepped outside and BAM! i got hit by a heat wall! it was so humid and sticky and the air was so thick! i could feel myself start sweating right when i walked outside! ridiculous! its been like that for a couple days but it is supposed to cool down for fall. so im excited for that! so my trainer. my dad. is elder Baird. he has been out 5 months! krazy. so we both are like noobs. so jaja learning is fun here! its great though. i love him. he really likes computers and video games and im just like "yeah you can talk about that stuff" and then i just listen and nod. its great! jaja he is super chill. so im in sevierville. pretty chill. krazy people here tho. i mean in pigeon forge anyway. so our area covers three cities. sevierville, pigeon forge and gatlinburg. pigeon forge is like a tourist attraction. they have an upside down building. a titanic. i dont even know about that one. its tennessee. there aint no ocean round these parts!!!! i dont get it. and our church building is being renovated right now so we meet in a theater. right across from the titanic. so thats wehere we tell everyone our church is jaja and at noon everyday the titanic horn goes off three times and it always is interrupting people jajaja its hilarious. so we have two elder pairs and a sister pair in this distict. elder flynn and elder zuniga (i call him zuchinni... dont know how to spell that vegetable) and then the sisters are hermana collier and hermana guevara. pretty sick. pretty sick. so we are in a car share area so we trade off everyweek. this week we had the bikes. yay!... we biked like 20 miles on saturday!

one night we were coming home from biking and tracting and knocking on potentials houses and there was this drunk guy sitting on a park bench and we stgarted talking to him and he went off man. just went off for a good 30-45 min just rambling. it was pretty frustrating cause we would try to get him talking about the gospel and stuff but he was talking about vietnam and how he went thru Hell and how he knows GOd loves him and we were just like "thats great. thank you for your service sir. he also know God loves you..." and then he would go off again. that was frustrating.

jaja i biffed it biking. jaja so funny! we were coming home from talking to some people up in the woods and they were talking about their church and how its so lively and how they sing lots of songs and there was this one guy who said he built like a ton of churches. like he just makes one when he feels like it.  we were coming home and it was dark and we were riding on a busy road and there was no space to ride a bike on the side, so we are on the road and i saw a car coming behind me so i ditched to the right. the car passed and i was still riding on the side and apparenty there was a dip in the grass and i couldnt see it so i hit it going as fast as i could and just flew. seriosly i sailed into the middle of the road. that was scary. luckily there were no cars coming otherwise that could have been bad. jajajaja....Sunday was good. interesting. got to have church in a theater. first experience. first time for everything. but you could still feel the spirit. which is the main thing. so yeah basically that was my week. jammed in to a little tiny nut shell. we taught more people and we ahve lots of appointments. so im excited for that. okay Tennessee is being good for me for now. its all good. i love it here. everything is so green and beautfiul. love you all! thank you for your support! ill try and include a spiritual moment next time. cause there are a lot of them. love you all!

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